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Prudence - Justice - Fortitude - Temperance

“There is another way to look at growth in marriage:

namely, as growth in virtue.  As a couple grows in virtue,

they grow in holiness." (Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan)

- A parish program for married couples. (see For Parishes)

- A home program for couples. (See For Couples)

“Moderation and prudence, justice and fortitude,

and nothing in life is more useful than these.” (Wisdom 8:5-7)

Comments from parishes:

The VIRTUES: Four Dates for Catholic Couples Program was a great success! We had 12 couples attend and as a result of the program two marriages were saved!”  

- Parish Priest, Diocese of Charleston


SIX DATES for Catholic Couples

The program invites spouses to participate in six romantic dates during which, after viewing a short video, they are given a handout with conversation starters for their private conversation during the date.
This is an easy to use parish program. No leader training required.  All the materials are in the “Parish Packet.”  The program is also available with Spanish subtitles for the videos and handouts in Spanish.                               



a Couple's Path to Greater Joy


This marriage enrichent program explores the Beatitudes as the path to holiness in Christian marriage.  Holiness is the source of joy in marriage. 


The program invites couples to reflect on their relationship and guides them to understand marriage as their vocation.  The videos and the book provide the input for each of the six sessions, and the handouts provide conversation starters to help couples reflect privately on their marriage. 



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